Universal 1U / 2U Server Shipping and Storage Protective Kit

  • $149.00

Protection and Presentation for your Valuable Assets.  Introducing the ALL-IN-ONE Universal foam and box kit for 1U and 2U servers.  Our Customized Server Packaging kit is specifically designed to be the easiest and safest shipping solution that will save you processing time for both servers and accessories.

A product that arrives damaged is costly. TEK SOURCE SOLUTIONS Universal 1U/2U Server kits are Heavy Duty and will go the distance to arrive on your customer’s shelf safely every time.

    • 1U and 2U use separate foam bases, but both servers use the same outer box.
    • Adjusts to fit servers up to 32.5” plus foam pockets for rails up to 33”, bezel and power supply.
    • The base is topped with our custom foam cover and ships in our top load 36x24x6 double wall box.
    • We offer this Kit Completely Pre-Assembled in a 1 Pack, 5 Pack, 10 Pack, or a FULL Pallet Quantity of 30 KITS

Shipping Information:

    • Most orders ship same day.
    • Tek Source Solutions, Inc. ships from 3 US locations in California, Texas and Pennsylvania.  
    • At the time of your IT Packaging order, shipping will be arranged from our location that offers you the most economical cost of shipping.
    • Tek Source Solutions, Inc. only stocks and ships brand NEW custom packaging material.
    • Our Prices Include FREE GROUND SHIPPING within the Contiguous 48 States

If you are selling 1U and 2U servers with Grade A valuation, your customers will expect to receive your product in packaging that reflects this quality. Let Tek Source Solutions, Inc. make this easy.

All materials are made in the USA